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Where have I been?

It's been a while.

Pre-trip excite-anxiet-adrenaline

Despite the many years I've been travelling, I still get it.

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10 reasons to stay at Galería Guatapé Hostel

A sense of peace, wondrous views and the lake - here's why you should go.

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2016 - The year I grabbed life by its horns

A lot of people seem to be pissed off at you, 2016. I thank you.
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My plan is no plan

Why you should let yourself free to have no plan!

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If you're wondering if you should travel solo...

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Money-saving tips on the go

Here's how you can extend your travels

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5 Backpacker Basics

What you need to know before you pack that bag.

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Taking the Bus?

Tips to make that long journey easier.

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The ET Syndrome

No, I don't mean the alien.  It's Eternal Traveller.
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I'm from Malta. Yes, it exists.

Here's the answer to all of you who ask.

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El Gitano del Mar

One more for your bucket list
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A small rural community worth visiting
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Female Solo Travel in India

A collection of first hand experiences
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Central & Northern Vietnam Route

How I travelled around Vietnam as a female solo traveller.

Part 2

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South of Vietnam Route

How I travelled around Vietnam as a solo female traveller

Part 1

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The place I call home in Nepal

Some like Nepal for the trekking, some like it for the nature, I love living in Pokhara.

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The North of Malta and the little island of Gozo

As you drive up towards the higher part of the island, you start leaving the mass of the buildings behind and can get a glimpse of the more rural side.

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My Travel History

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Playing around with my reflection on the back of a bus stop in Danang, Vietnam


I'm from Malta, a tiny little island, bang in the centre of the Mediterranean.

As I grew into a young adult I met travellers, in my job as a hotel entertainer.  Their stories intrigued me and I could not wait to be the one packing up the bags and go explore and live on other parts of the planet.

So when I was 17, I tried a few days travelling solo in Barcelona to test the waters.  I was very aware of my surroundings and on guard, but I made it through and I loved the adrenaline it gave me.

By 19, I had my first summer job in a hotel in Tropea, in the South of Italy.  From then on the wheel just kept on going.  I lived in Cyprus, then in Menorca for a few years.

After 5 years of shifting my living from one island to another in the Mediterranean, I felt like it was time to go back home.  I settled in quite well, but then I turned 30.

Milestones like this make people reflect and wonder where they've been and where they're going.  As I blew out the candles on my cake I realized that the traveller inside of me had become squeezed under the pile of duties my corporate job demanded of me.

I missed her, I missed the gypsy in me, the one that could not wait to seek new lands, new places that could be home for a few months.  I had been stuck at the same desk for years.  I said goodbye to it and headed to Asia.

And that's how, since 2016, I've strolled round India, Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and lately to Mexico, Cuba, Spain and Italy with my +1 traveller son, #MrKicker.

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Around the South, East & West of Malta

Published on Travelicious World

Visiting Malta for a few days? Follow these local tips.

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