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The Story

In 2014 I quit my job and left on a trip to India.  I had no idea what I'd do when I'd get back, what I was sure of was that I did not want to go back to a job I was doing only for money.

Then it hit me.  I had been looking for something I could do from anywhere in the world and the answer came to me, as I buckled my seat belt on the plane back home - writing.

How had I not thought about it before? I love words, I love reading and writing.  The answer felt so natural, so obvious.  It had been there all the time, all I needed was give myself the time to listen to what my head and my soul already knew.

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Content Writing

Do you need text, articles for your site to improve SEO and keep your followers up to date? Talk to me about what your message is, what you stand for and we can see if we can be a match! 🙂