Female Solo Travel in India

“Is it safe for a female solo traveller to go to India?”

How many times have I heard that question?  Well, I, for one, have done it and all turned out well for me.  But I don’t want you to take my word for it.  So I have asked other female friends who did it and I’ll be sharing their experiences with you.

solo female travellers in India
3 female solo travellers who met randomly on the road while travelling around India [Paula, Tania and moi}
Why? Because I believe that many times, only bad news is shared by the mass media and I want you to listen to the other side of the story – the good side.  Some say bad news is reality – for me reality is that there are an average of 93,000 flights a day worldwide reaching their destination safely – but we hear of the one which crashed.

If you don’t believe me – check out FlightRadar24 to see how many planes are flying safely right now.

On the same wavelength, I believe that if we had to chip each traveller – like dogs, yes – we’d find out that many travellers are having a great time right now and are safe.

Here’s what Lauren, Tania and Sue had to say:

Female Solo Traveller Experience in India #1

Lauren, 35, from Malta

Read her full experience here

Female Solo Traveller Experience in India #2

Tania, 34, from Canarias, Spain

Read her full experience here



Female Solo Traveller Experience in India #3

Sue, 31, from Malta

female solo travel in India

Read her full experience here



Have your own Female Solo Traveller experience?

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