Where have I been?

It’s been a while since my last travelling pic. My female solo traveller blog slowed down to an almost standstill. My last Instagram photo was back in October. Why? Well, because the instants that have been overpowering my life since then, were extremely personal – I was busy creating life.

My son was born at the doors of Summer, I’ve known of his existence since that last pic on Instagram in Ecuador, yet I made no mention of it on any social media. I can be very social, friendly and outgoing but I’m extremely protective of my privacy.

I was busy, busy being marvelled at an ever-growing belly which kicked every now and then and amused my Winter, while I hibernated in the house, with my backpack and trekking shoes stowed away.

Then Mr. Kicker made his debut and if I was amazed at the Pachamama’s awesomeness while he was inside, I can’t even start to explain how in awe I have been since he was born.

Well, there are millions of mothers in the world, there always have been, there always will be. I don’t write this to be any special than any other mum or any other woman who for some reason or other doesn’t have kids, or simply chose not to be a mother.

I simply felt like finally dedicating a few lines to my son and share them with whoever felt like dedicating us a few minutes of their reading time.

Oh, and I have been busy doing something else as well (while my prince sleeps). I have been busy finding a balance between the me I had come to feel comfortable and confident and serene being – the female-solo traveller, and embracing this new extension of me – the Mama.

I feel like I’ve come milestones ahead in the Mama quarters, it is undoubtedly overwhelming at the beginning but you do find your feet with learning by doing (and reading). Then he smiles and you think, “Great, that’s what it’s all about out in the end. Him being happy.”

Which brings me to the end result of this balancing act between the female-solo-traveller and the Mama. Like I have been shaping my life in the past years, I have in the past months, been creating a reality that I envisage, will provide for us while allowing us to spend precious family quality time together – CoCoPlus. Have a look at it if you feel like it, any constructive feedback is always welcome.

With love,

Denise & Prince Kicker

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