10 reasons to stay at Galería Guatapé Hostel

If Guatapé is on your bucket list while you travel in Colombia, here are 10 reasons why you should stay at Galería Guatapé Hostel:

1 – The View

galeria guatape hostel

2 – The Terraces

3 – It’s proximity to La Piedra

Photo – Emliio Rosso – By Day

It’s just by La Piedra del Peñon – you can enjoy the view from anywhere in the hostel and it’s only 10 minutes away on foot from the entrance to climb up.

Photo – Germán Gómez Bustos – By Night

4 – Kayaking

You can use the hostel’s kayak at anytime!

5 – They’re Green

They recycle and make their own compost

6 – Waking up to this

7 – The Hammocks

8 – Sunrise

Make that extra effort and wake up to enjoy this wonderful moment of stillness

9 – Sitting by the water

At anytime you can just stroll down the steps and chill on the pier or the lake in the hostel’s exclusive spot.

10 – Location, location, location

It’s perfectly connected to the calmness of the waters, but just 3 minutes down the path you are effortlessly connected to a main road.  It’s a comfortable walking distance from Guatapé – 30 minutes at a good pace or, if you don’t feel like walking, just stroll down to the bus stop and jump on – it only costs 2000 COP to the centre.

The same bus stop will take you to and from Medellin in around 2 hours for approximately 13000COP.

To make it easier for you to find it, without the need of using any 3G Internet Data or WiFi – feel free to download MAPS.ME – offline maps that just follow your GPS location – Galeria Guatapé Hostel is marked on it.

So, what are you waiting for? Book now on Hostel World or Booking.

All Photos taken on location by Denise Cassar on February 2017 – unless otherwise stated.

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