Female Solo Traveller Experience in India #3

This is the third of a series of experiences that I collected from female solo travellers who went around India. For the full list click here.

Sue, 31, from Malta

Sue in Leh, Ladakh with some women she met on her way
How long did you stay in India?

1 year, 6 months

Which places did you visit?

Dharamsala, Leh, Hampi, Kerala, Goa, Delhi, Rishikesh

What did you do when you had to move from one place to the other?

Bus or train, sometimes alone or with anyone I met along the way.

Did you ever feel threatened?

No. Respecting the culture in each place I visit by covering up if it’s not very touristic and being careful anywhere in the world is important. I rarely went out alone during the evenings in some areas and I never encountered any problems.

Tell us a story where you were impressed by the kindness of people towards you:

Kindness happens everyday in India, many people have invited me over to their house for food and to meet their families, each time very welcoming and friendly,

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